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Initially, and for some time, we expect people to do what most of the Occupy Wall Street 99 Percent Movement is doing, namely organizing ad hoc on a grass roots local level, and forming very local organizations and control. We hope that some of the material on this web site can be used by many of the grass roots organizations to help them recruit members and persuade people to vote for candidates who are for the 99 Percent. That may include documents and flyers that can be downloaded for free to your PC, and then printed by you for handout to others. We can include You Tube video links. We may provide some DVD classes that can be downloaded for free, or perhaps for a very small cost.

When we have money, and thus time, we may be able to work to build a larger organization which will help to elect candidates and coordinate political work. When we do get to the point of looking for members, we plan on providing the ability to join at this web site.