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This web site is for Voters for Jobs. I believe that the Occupy Wall Street 99 Percent Movement is all about ending unemployment in America, so that Americans will have a good standard of living. Therefore, we want to Vote For Jobs, by voting for candidates who will raise taxes on the Super Rich to finance job creation programs that will create enough jobs to end almost all unemployment in America.

IF YOU want a SECURE GOOD paying job, for yourself, your family members, and others, THEREFORE you want MILLIONS of jobs created NOW, THEREFORE you want to VOTE for and ELECT politicians who are dedicated to creating MILLIONS of jobs NOW and ENDING ALMOST ALL UNEMPLOYMENT, THEN this web site is for YOU!

We CAN SAVE AMERICA and SAVE THE WORLD from Unemployment. This web site teaches HOW WE CAN reach NEAR ZERO UNEMPLOYMENT within ONE to TWO YEARS, and maintain that for HUNDREDS of years.

In 1984 I wrote a book on a new Economic System DESIGNED to END unemployment NOW and FOREVER. It is called Macro Economic Democracy. It is DESIGNED to ELEMINATE unemployment, by giving economic POWER TO THE PEOPLE. It is FAR SUPERIOR to Capitalism at promoting Economic Growth, and FAR SUPERIOR to Socialism at ENDING poverty.

Economic POWER TO THE PEOPLE, through Macro Economic Democracy, means LOW UNEMPLOYMENT FOREVER. I can PROVE that !!!