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FUTURE PLANS: Develop a Life Success Training educational DVD for parents and children, and post information on this web site on how to get a FREE download of this life saving educational material.

Life Success Training
by Dale Lee Harris
Copyright © 2013 by Dale Lee Harris

I believe that every student, perhaps in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade should be required to have a minimum of 80 hours of class in Life Success Training. Way before High School, students need to learn how to succeed in life. In addition, every person in America, needs to be taught how to be a good parent who helps his or her children succeed long before they can become a parent. That means before the age of 13 or the 8th grade.

Prior to there being a required national Life Success Training class in every Junior High School in America and Adult Education Classes, there is a need for such a class to be offered to everyone in America. I may develop such a class myself. Before that I can describe some of the things that need to be taught. Below is an outline of some of the things that need to be taught in a Life Success Training class.

Notice that I want to teach children: how to motivate their parents to help them to succeed in life, information to give to their parents on what children need to be taught, and resources for learning more about being an effective parent. Parents are taught by their parents, by examples and words, on how to be a parent to their children. The children of bad parents become bad parents, because that is what they have been taught by their parents. If parents do not know themselves how to succeed in life, then how can they be expected to teach their children how to succeed in life? It may take a life time of learning for parents to learn the mistakes they made in life and how to succeed in life, and by that time it is far too late to teach those secrets to their grown children. Society has FAILED to teach parents how to be good parents who are highly skilled and motivated to teach their children how to succeed in life! Children with the disadvantage of having parents who do not know how to succeed in life, need to be taught how to succeed in life and how to teach their parents to help them to succeed. Society must teach classes to parents on how to be good parents who are effective at teaching their children how to succeed. Until parents are offered and take such classes, then society can teach children how to succeed in life and how parents can help their children to succeed in life. Then children can teach their parents how to help them to succeed in life and where to go for more information.

Adults and parents also need to take an Advanced Life Success Training class, that will teach some of the following things.

These are some of the things that need to be taught in a Life Success Training class, that would be taught to everyone in society, either in Junior High School or in Adult Education for those who did not get that class earlier in life. I may develop and offer such a class before a national class is developed and required. I hope to expose people to the ideas and recruit people to demand that the basic skills of Life Success be taught to everyone in society.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing in life, is helping your children to succeed. It is the key to your long term happiness, because nothing in the world makes a parent happier than to leave behind a successful child in old age. It is more important than helping the world, because a child is helping the future world, and the world often neither appreciates nor deserves the help you give to the world. It is the key to your spiritual growth, because it not rewarded with worldly fame, but only gives you respect in the eyes of your child and in the eyes of God.

The question is, how can a parent teach his or her child how to succeed in life? In our society, traditionally, we send our children to school and expect the teachers to teach our children the knowledge that they need to succeed in life.

However, that is often not enough for many reasons. It is not enough to be taught knowledge about subjects that we need to learn. We also need to be taught Meta Knowledge of how to learn knowledge. Only by learning Cognitive Psychology and Learning Theory can we fully understand how to study in the most effective way, in order to best learn a subject. We also need self confidence and motivation. When parents complement and encourage their children, it can give them confidence and motivate them with respect. But, a better understanding of Self Image Psychology and Motivational Psychology would make parents better supporters and motivators of their children.

Poor parents may have to work two jobs, and not have the time or energy to sufficiently encourage and motivate their children. Also, they may never have been taught by example by their parents, on how to be good parents, because they too were too busy working just to put food on the table for the bare survival of the family. Rich parents can send their children to a private school, where experts in child psychology on staff can help the child to succeed. The child may be taught confidence, motivation, and the psychology of learning. So, the children of the rich have all of the advantages.

Society may send poor children to public schools and think they have given poor children an equal educational opportunity with rich kids. To keep from feeling guilty, the leaders of society may say that the education of children is also partially the responsibility of the parents of the children. But, society does not teach poor parents the psychological skills to be good parents. Nor does it give poor parents enough money, so they do not have to work two or three jobs, and thus have time to teach their children.

It just ain't fair!

As someone who made "A"s in Math in High School, and later invented a system of psychology, I understand the psychological secret reasons why I made "A"s in Math. It was because I studied at a deep "Cognitive Level", and therefore more fully understood Math. I touche on that a bit in one of my books.

Would you like to give each of your children a million dollars? You may be able to give your children a million dollars more income in life, by teaching them the confidence, motivation, and skill for being exceptionally good in High School. Some of that may require studying some books written by Child Psychologists, Motivational Psychologists, and Learning Theory Psychologists.

However, when I have the time, I plan on writing a class to teach some ideas to help students excel in school. Not sure when I will have the spare time to do that, but potentially millions of students could be taught to live happier and more successful lives. Just one more thing on my "to do" list. Some of those ideas are already in one of my books. Perhaps I may include some of those ideas in the Relationship Psychology class that I will teach when I have the spare time. Millions of people would be helped by my class.