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    Occupy Wall Street 99 Percent Movement
    VOTER Training Class.
    The 99 Percent can have:
    1) a 2012 election LANDSLIDE VICTORY.
    2) an END to Almost ALL Unemployment within TWO YEARS.

    IF you want to END Almost ALL Unemployment,
    THEN read on.

    Develop DVD Version of the Class and post information on how to get it.

    To end almost all unemployment, now and forever, we must change from the failed Economic System that caused economic meltdown and massive unemployment, to a new system that is designed to maintain a near zero unemployment rate. But, to do that, we must overcome and defeat the efforts and forces working to economically destroy the American middle class.

    PROBLEM 1:
    The Radical Super Rich JOB DESTROYERS can buy hundreds of millions of dollars in brainwashing TV Ads, to get voters to elect Anti-American candidates who will serve the Radical Super Rich by DESTROYING AMERICAN JOBS!

    We can overcome the TV brainwashing of American voters, with a National Grass Roots Voters Education plan. We can provide a DVD Class that can be downloaded, copied, and distributed to millions of members of the 99 Percent Movement. If an ARMY of people download, copy, and distribute the class, then we can educate One Hundred Million Voters. The 99 Percent Movement can have VICTORY TRAINING parties in homes, churches, public meeting rooms, and public locations, where the 99 Percent Victory Training DVD can be viewed, discussed, and distributed. The Grass Roots Power of the 99 Percent is stronger than the mass marketing power of the Radical Super Rich Job Destroyers.

    PROBLEM 2:
    The Radical Super Rich Job Destroyers hire billion dollar Advertisement Agencies with experts in Psychological Brainwashing of Consumers and Voters, through Media Messaging. As a result, many voters are Zombie Mind Slaves who are not free to think for themselves and question the lies that are killing their families. They LOVE the LIES of the Radical Super Rich Job Destroyers more than they LOVE the LIVES of their own family! Like the brainwashed followers of Jim Jones, who obeyed orders to kill their own children with poisoned cool aid, the Zombie Mind Slaves of the Radical Super Rich Job Destroyers blindly believe and do what they are told, even when it kills their own children!

    To overcome Mind Zombie Brainwashing Psychology, one needs to use De-Brainwashing methods, like methods used to get people out of Cults. I, Dale Lee Harris, am the inventor of the most advanced form of Positive Change Psychology in existence on this planet. Therefore, the class that I develop will be designed to help De-Brainwash the Zombie Mind Slaves of the Radical Super Rich Job Destroyers. Also, one can overcome LIES with THE TRUTH. I have a degree in Economic theory and invented a new Economic system that is designed to maintain a near zero unemployment rate. Simple Economic principles and logic can be used to prove that their proposals are designed to destroy jobs while our proposals are designed to create jobs. If we can persuade voters to think for themselves and think about the logical evidence, then voters who are free to think for themselves will demand the changes needed to quickly end almost all unemployment.

    Note: Read this page for some preliminary ideas for VICTORY for the 99 Percent in 2012 and beyond.

    1) Quickly End Almost ALL Unemployment in America.
    2) Implement the Changes needed to End Almost All Unemployment.
    3) Educate THE PEOPLE to UNITE and DEMAND Job Creating Changes.
    4) Elect Candidates who will Implement Job Creating Changes.
    5) Have THE PEOPLE, not Lobbyists, rule politicians,
    so campaign promises for Job Creating Changes will be kept.

    I can help teach the Occupy Wall Street 99 Percent Movement, how to have VICTORY in their struggle to END ALMOST ALL UNEMPLOYMENT and assure a GOOD LIFE for the working class. As the INVENTOR of the MOST ADANCED form of Positive Change Psychology in existence anywhere on planet Earth, I have EXPERTISE that no one else has. In my book, The Quest for Love, which mostly covered Sexual Relationship Psychology, I also touched on Goal selection and achievement. In Sexual Relationship Psychology, like most human endeavors, there can be advanced psychological methods and social abilities used for maximizing the probably achievement of shared happiness goals.

    For many human endeavors, whether it is an army at war, a company in competition in a market, or political candidates in competition for an office, there is a common Psychological Model for achieving Success or Victory in that group human endeavor. The major elements of the Psychological Model for Victory include:

    1. Select the Major Goals from Goal Opportunities.
    2. Select Strategies for Goal Achievement.
    3. Select Tactics for threat and opportunity situations.
    4. Train soldiers to maximize VICTORY results.

    The purpose of the 99 Percent VICTORY Training Class is to train the "soldiers" in the movement, on what to do to attain victory both on election day and after election day. After election day we need elected officials to do what THE PEOPLE want, rather than what LOBYISTS want. Or we need a Constitutional Amendment so that a direct democracy vote of THE PEOPLE will decide all major political and economic decisions in the nation.

    Here are some goals that we can achieve, if we use winning strategies and tactics. Picking the best strategy and tactic requires understanding the psychological elements that are influencing the target voters. It may also require some "outside the box" innovative thinking.

    1. We can have a Landslide Victory of Christian Voters, if Progressive Candidates and their workers quote key Bible verses in speeches and at press conferences. For example, Matthew 25:31-46 proves that those who honestly follow Jesus Christ, want money from the rich to provide for the needy.
    2. We can have a Landslide Victory in Southern states by educating their voters, that progressives are helping them with jobs and aid, while Republicans are hurting them. If President Obama and Progressive Democrats pushed to raise taxes on the Super Rich in order to finance a water pipeline from the Mississippi River to drought stricken Southern states to help farmers, then country people in the South would turn out and vote Progressive Democrat. Or perhaps reroute part of the river to fill up huge man made lakes in drought stricken states, and then pipe water from those lakes to the farms that need the water.

    To form the best goals, strategies, and tactics, you need to do a complete study of the psychological factors of human voters, to fully understand what goals can and can not be achieved in a political battle for political change. You need to logically and experimentally justify why a given strategy or tactic will or will not work. You can not just say, that sounds good, so let's do that. You must be able to justify the reasons for choosing one strategy or tactic over another. When an "army" has developed winning goals, strategies, and tactics, it needs to train its "fighting force" so that maximum probably victory is achieved on the "battle field".

    For example, some may argue that the 99 Percent Movement should start a Third Party as a good strategy for victory. The question is, what are the arguments for and against such a strategy? If the progressive vote is divided between the Democratic Party and some third party, then that would give the election to Republicans.

    The only way that would not happen, is if there were first a change in the voting laws. One idea is to allow voters to pick a first choice candidate and a list of acceptable second choice candidates. If no candidate gets a majority of the votes, then there could be an automatic run off by eliminating all but the top two vote getters and counting second choice votes for candidates. On the second automated vote, the person with the most votes would win.

    Another voting method, that would prevent voting for a Third Party candidate being a spoiler vote, is to allow voters to to give a rating to each candidate for the office, with the rating being zero, one, or two. So you could give two votes to both the the Labor Party candidate for office and to the Democratic Party candidate for office, and mark a vote of zero for the Republican Party candidate and all other candidates. Then the person with the most votes would win, without the need for a run off election, automated or not.

    An alternative would be to allow voters to check either yes or no beside each candidate. A "yes" vote means two votes. A "no" vote means zero votes. Neither "yes" nor "no" would mean one vote for an implied "maybe". A vote of both "yes" and "no", would be a spoiled ballot or a spoiled vote for that candidate. Again, a vote for a Third Party would not conflict with voting for one of the major parties, and there is no need for a run off vote.

    Also, note that if pro-labor progressives really wanted to start a third party, a pro-labor third party already exists, in the form of the Labor Party. So, why not just join an existing pro-worker third party?

    The Occupy 99 Percent Movement has strong numbers and strong emotions, which is energy that can lead to victory. However, as the Radical Super Rich took over the Tea Party Movement, they may try to misdirect the Occupy 99 Percent Movement to fight against their own self interests by starting a Third Party, rather than taking over the existing Democratic Party. Taking over an existing party has a much higher political power pay off, because you win the political power of the other existing loyal voters in the party, as well as the existing power structure of the party. If one million progressives voters elect a progressive candidate in the primaries, then they also win the one million moderate voters, and therefore double their political power for victory in the general election. By working to take over an existing party, a movement can double or triple its political power for victory. By forming political alliances with other political forces in a party, a larger coalition of voters can multiply their political power for victory by a factor of one thousand or two thousand percent. That is multiplying your own political power by ten or twenty. So, taking over an existing political power can mean twenty times the political power to achieve victory for your goals.

    Do not let multi million dollar TV Ads fool you into using Counter Productive Tactics! With hidden donations from billionaires, one may expect to see TV Ads that report to speak for the Occupy 99 Percent Movement, which are efforts by the Radical Super Rich to fool progressives into dividing their vote and losing the election for their cause. The point is, do not make any decision about Goals, Strategies, and Tactics, without a full discussion and a full understanding of the reasons why one is better than the other.

    One key strategy for victory is to fully understand your opponent and know how to exploit his weaknesses and overcome his strengths.

    For example, the Republican "foot soldiers" are like mindless zombies who have been brainwashed into belief without question, and so lack the capacity to think for themselves or question what they have been taught. Their brainwashing is based on the use of strong emotional psychological word associations, in order to trigger and control their mindless behavior. If you use the same Hot Button Words that they have been trained to respond to, but use them in the opposite way that they have been brainwashed, then they will get confused from the conflicting signals, and will not know what to do. You can overcome strong emotion based brainwashing with strong emotions to de program people from their brainwashing.

    The point is, we can train our intelligent and thinking progressive "foot soldiers" into methods that can be used on Republican brainwashed Zombie voters, to convert them into thinking human beings who will vote in their own self interests. One strategy is to get them to use their brain and actually think for themselves. For example, ask a Republican voter why he believes voting for the Republican candidate is in his self interest to have a better change for a better life for himself and his family members. Ask him to convince you that he is right.

    When mindless zombie voters vote for Republicans who off shore American jobs, they are voting to deny jobs to their own children. Thus, they are voting to kill their own children. When the brainwashed zombie voters are made to understand that voting for Anti American Traitor Republicans who off shore American jobs to Communist China, is voting to help our economic enemies, destroy America, and kill your own children, then the shock may help them to reject their brainwashing, and become thinking human being voters. You have to cure political zombies by teaching them to question their beliefs and be free to think for themselves, based on evidence and logic. Once they are free to think for themselves, they will vote for their own self interest, and the interest of the USA, and therefore elect progressive candidates to office.

    Those who honestly love the USA, rather than just chanting USA, USA, USA, vote for the only candidates who are honestly on the side of the USA, namely progressive candidates. Tell the zombies that, and see how they react. Have progressive democrats chant USA, USA, USA at the Democratic Convention, and see how that messes with their brainwashed word trigger programming.

    When I have time I plan on developing a DVD class, that will educate Progressive politicians and "foot soldiers", on the Goals, Strategies, and Tactics for VICTORY, to assure a LANDSLIDE VICTORY. It may teach some of the psychological brainwashing methods used by Anti American Traitor Republicans, to Zombify voters, and counter methods to teach voters how to question their brainwashing and think for themselves. IF my DVD class on VICTORY TRAINNIG is taught to millions of party workers and voters, then there will be a LANDSLIDE VICTORY for progressives. I have the expertise to teach people the psychological keys to VICTORY. Look for my DVD class at this web page, some time in the future, when I have the time.

    NOTE: IF the Progressive community paid me a full time salary to work for VICTORY, THEN the chances of a LANDSLIDE VICTORY for Progressives would be greatly enhanced. In the mean time, look for my VICTORY TRAINING CLASS, when I have the spare time to develop my class. Also, watch my You Tube videos for clues on how to win the hearts and minds of voters, by pushing their core Hot Buttons. But, in addition, there is a need for a national discussion on the real issues and the real reasons for voting for candidates, so that voters, question what they have been taught, think for themselves, and vote based on their own real self interests. There is a cure. We can de-zombify them.