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Who Created God?
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Jesus Christ's World Utopia
by Dale Lee Harris
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The Quest for Love
by Dave Erickson
Copyright © 1991 by Dale Lee Harris

Self Transformation Psychology
How to End Human Suffering

by Dale Lee Harris
Copyright © 1999 by Dale Lee Harris

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Who Created GOD?

Would you like to have something that may be worth far more than $1,000,000.00 to you, in terms of enrichment of your life? If you would like to have something of very great value, then keep reading.

A self improvement class may cost you $1,000 to take. But, its benefits to your life may be far more. ... Did I just see some people running as fast as they can, with their hands pressed firmly against their wallets? ... Not to worry people, it is safe to come back. I may offer you a taste of something that is extremely valuable, but at a cost of nothing. ... Hmm. A million dollar value for free? Still clenching tightly the old wallet. I don't know, but I will keep my eyes open while I am listening. Just don't say that "M" word again. It makes me jumpy.

Thousands of hours of research over a period of many years, led to my invention of a form of psychology that I named: Self Transformation Psychology. I wrote two books on my psychology theories and taught a class on my system. What I will present here are some of the more important ideas from my books and my class. If you feel you have greatly benefited, then you might want to donate some money later as a sign of your appreciation and gratitude. Also note that this is copyrighted material, that is drawn from copyrighted material.

Would you like to see some of the following benefits?

These are some of the benefits that may be obtained from some of the things that I teach. It could be called Spiritual Psychology, because it adds my Spiritual Model to my Psychological Model.

A special note to Women Readers who CLAIM to want to end rape. I can prove that my class and system is far superior at ending the root causes of violence, rape, and murder, than others, because my system is more accurate and complete at explaining what the root cause of negative behavior really is.

Popular psychology correctly teaches that human value-beliefs control and cause human behavior. However, I would ask the following two questions.

  1. What explains how external influences can at least partially determine the value-belief system that a person lives by?
  2. Is there a deeper part of the human being, which causes him or her to decide to live by a good value-belief or an evil value-belief?

I would answer those questions as follows.

  1. It is Motivational Psychology that explains how external factors can influence human behavior directly and indirectly, such as the installing and reinforcing of a value-belief system.
  2. The deepest root cause of human behavior, is the Spiritual Nature of the person, that leads people to decide between living by a good or evil value-belief system.

The truth is that for a class to be most effective at changing people from negative value-beliefs and behavior to positive value-beliefs and behavior, the class must do the following.

  1. Motivate the student to want to change, by seeing that real change is in his or her real self interest.
  2. Make the student fully understand how to determine if a value-belief is good or evil.
  3. Teach the student the skills and abilities to change not only himself or herself, but also negative environmental influences.

One can not teach people the fundamental difference between "good" and "evil", by teaching psychology alone. One must also teach spirituality. Thus, my system, which combines my Spiritual Model with my Psychological Model is far more effective at promoting positive change, such as ending rape. So, if women honestly want to end rape then they will support my system!

In my book, Jesus Christ's World Utopia I taught the key secret to ending rape, which is my Spiritual Model. If women honestly wanted to end rape, then they should have made my book a million seller in 1984. I taught that people have one of two Life Orientations. They can be either "self-other" or "good-evil" in nature. The way to determine a person's Life Orientation or "spiritual nature", is to ask the question: "What are you, and what are you not?" and show them the following diagram.

Decide Self Other
Good good of self good of other
Evil evil of self evil of other

Ask the person where he or she draws the line, between "what you are" and "what you are not".

The self-other person will draw the line between Self and Other and say the following. I am the good and evil in myself. I am on my own side, so I am on the side of both the good and the evil that is within me.

But, the good-evil person will draw the line between Good and Evil and say the following. I am the good that is within me and within others. I am on the side of good, so I am on the side of the good that is both in me and in others.

Only by changing people from self-other to good-evil, will they chose good value-beliefs over evil value-beliefs. Only then does hate, violence, rape, and murder end. But to be able to motivate people to make that change, you have to first be an enlightened person who fully understands the concepts of Oneness, and therefore have the spiritual expertise to teach people why such a change is in their real self interest.

Women fully understand that your dream of ending rape can not effectively be promoted, without the wide spread teaching of my class. I am the only person on planet Earth to invent my system. I am the only person on planet Earth who can effectively teach others how to teach my system. Frankly, I am your only hope.

Advice to Men:
What are some of the key secrets to sharing more love and pleasure with women? First, one should develop communication skills, like reading the body language of women, to help you find women who have both value-beliefs and active desires that are conducive to shared love and pleasure. Second, you have to understand some of the reasons a woman would pick one man over another for shared love and pleasure. It is true that there are differences in preferences between women on various human attributes. However, a very large factor is determined by Motivational Psychology. So, to improve your sex life, you might want to take a crash course on Motivational Psychology.

But, where can you take such a valuable class? ... Oh, well, I guess I could teach you the most important things to know.

In my book, The Quest for Love, I teach the following information. Since I discovered and copyrighted this information, you will not find it anywhere else.

The key concise way to understand Motivational Psychology is to understand that there are three primary motivations.

  1. Happiness, all three forms.
  2. Respect, from others and yourself.
  3. Reward, or "Earth Treasures".

My copyrighted three forms of happiness are the following.

  1. Love Happiness. Enjoy the happiness of others.
  2. Freedom Happiness. Being free to chose.
  3. Pleasure Happiness. Survival based emotions.

Once you know the above, you need to fully understand the following truth about women. Like all human beings, women want to be happy. Therefore, if women see you as a source of their happiness, then they will want you. The more highly skilled you are at Making Women Happy, the greater the odds are for you to share love and pleasure with women.

Whether you are asking women at bars for a dance, or asking women anywhere for a date, there are a few fundamental rules that greatly increase your chances for shared love and pleasure with women.

These are just some of the key important things to know. More information can fill a book, like The Quest for Love.

Since my class will cover the topics, Love, Happiness, and Godhood, I should say a little about godhood. Jesus Christ once said to humans, "Ye are gods" John 10:34. If Jesus Christ speaks with the authority of God, and says that some people are gods, then it must be true that some people are in fact gods. Jesus Christ does not tell lies. If a pastor disagrees with the words of Jesus Christ, then the pastor is wrong, and Jesus Christ is right. So, some humans can in fact become gods. Not too many church pastors will preach a church sermon and tell the members that they can become gods. But, it is true.

Jesus had the power and authority to make some people the children of God. John 1:12-13. What does it mean to be a child of God? A child of a human is human, and a child of God is a god.

What is a "god", or "lesser god", as opposed to God, who is the supreme god? In the days of Greek and Roman gods, certain beings were considered gods, because they expressed certain qualities. They were immortal and they had super natural powers. Will some humans actually become immortal and be given supernatural powers? Some humans already have psychic abilities, like telepathy, seeing human Auras, precognition, altered states, psychic visions, remote viewing, out-of-body experience, Astral projection, psychic healing, etc. In the Jewish Bible it is recorded that Samson was given supernatural physical strength. So, some humans are given powers. The question is, will some humans be given immortality?

"For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality." I Corinthians 15:53

Some day God will give immortal bodies to humans that have been found worthy. Thus, God will make them gods.

So, how can you become a god? You need to impress God and convince Him that you are worthy. How can you do that? I believe one way is to work to help others. Working to help end the suffering of others, may help to prove to God that you are worthy.

The first step on the path to godhood is to be spirtily transformed from a self-other person to a good-evil person. The Spiritual Transformation of people has been expressed in different religions as obtaining Enlightenment, reaching Oneness with God and the Universe, and being Spiritually Born Again.

My discovery of my Spiritual Model came from years of spiritual study. Besides reading the Jewish Bible and Christian Bible from cover to cover, I also studied advanced spiritual truths found in other world religions. I read a book on Zen Buddhism. I also studied mysteries from different religions at Astara, which is located in Upland, CA.

For those who want to spiritually evolve, I would suggest that you first read the Jewish Bible, the Christian Bible, and other religious books that seem to be inspiring and contains hidden spiritual truths. When you read the words of Jesus Christ, think about the words at a deeper spiritual level to understand the hidden meaning of those words. Meditate on the words till you gain an insight into a deeper meaning to the words. Religions recommend fasting, prayer, and meditation as methods for disconnecting from the physical body, in order to connect with spiritual reality and God. Many would advise that you pray for God's presence and protection, before doing anything too adventurous, like an out of body experience. You should live by the two greatest commandments, which are: "Love God with all your being" and and "Love others even as you love yourself." Matthew 22:35-40. And if you honestly love others as much as you love yourself, then your actions will reflect that. Working to help others, helps you grow stronger spiritually.

I believe there are false religions, false prophets, and false teachers. But, I also believe that many world religions contain spiritual truths that can be helpful to people's lives. I believe that Christians may gain deeper understanding by also studying Zen Buddhism, and Zen Buddhists can find enlightenment by studying the words of Jesus Christ.

How can you tell if your religion is false? Ask yourself the following questions. Am I taught to have "blind faith" and believe what I am told without question? Or, am I driven by a passionate pursuit of the truth, no matter where I find it? Am I free to question what I have been taught, and quit my religion if the evidence leads me to believe that it is wrong? Am I free to listen to the ideas of other world religions, and accept truth, no matter where I find it? If you pray to "God", without giving God a name, will "God" tell you that the "named god" or your religion is a false god pretending to be the real God? Are you afraid to question your beliefs and listen to the beliefs of others?

Loving others and helping others is the source of happiness, purpose, and real meaning in life. I believe the ultimate purpose and meaning to life is to spiritually evolve to become a god, and teach others to become gods.

Who Created GOD? ORIGIN of Existence