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The Ideology of Jesus Christ
Flyers to Hand Out to Others.

FUTURE PLANS: Post online booklets, The Ideology of Jesus Christ and How to End All Human Suffering. Also, post them as html pages.

One booklet I wrote and made available for free online is The Ideology of Jesus Christ. Many world religions at least recognize Jesus as a great spiritual teacher, Even if you are not a Christian, you should be open minded enough to listen to the spiritual ideas of Jesus, and see if those ideas can be helpful in your own life.

One prophecy of Christianity is that Jesus Christ will return to Earth to defeat evil, and then will rule Earth for one thousand years. When Jesus Christ rules Earth, human suffering will end on Earth. The question is, how can Jesus End All Human Suffering? The answer is, three things will End All Human Suffering:
1) The evil people, who cause human suffering, will be gone.
2) Jesus will establish the perfect ideological system on Earth.
3) Divine power can also be used to help end human suffering.

One question is, if we know the ideology that Jesus Christ will establish when he rules Earth for one thousand years to help End Human Suffering, can we humans establish that ideology ourselves, to end most human suffering even before Jesus Christ returns? The answer is yes. To the degree that we can defeat evil in a nation and in the world, and establish the ideological system advocated by Jesus Christ while he was on Earth, we can end much human suffering. Read my booklet to understand the ideology that Jesus Christ advocated and will establish when He rules Earth for one thousand years.

We can teach the world how to End All Human Suffering, through The Ideology of Jesus Christ

Some may argue that we should not work to End All Human Suffering on planet Earth, but rather wait and let God to that when Jesus rules Earth. However, Jesus taught us to help the poor, and thus work to end the suffering of others, even before he returns to rule the planet. So, if we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, then we will work to help end human suffering, as much as we can.

When we teach the world the path to ending human suffering, there will of course be opposition to our work. Evil people do not want human suffering to end. Evil people cause human suffering in others as a part of their strategy to have power over others. Remove human suffering caused by evil people, and you remove the power of evil people to enslave and rule other people. Because of opposition from evil people, of course we will not be able to end all human suffering, until Jesus Christ returns. However, working to end as much suffering as we can, will end a great deal of human suffering. And teaching the world how to end all human suffering will convert many people to the truth, and thus could save hundreds of millions of people, so they would be raptured to avoid the seven years of Tribulation on Earth.

Just as humans must be born again to be saved, the human species and human civilization must be born again to be saved. The End of Days will in fact be a time of the Spiritual Rebirth of Humanity. There will be great pain in the time of birth of a new human civilization. Billions could die. But, if we teach the world the way to end all human suffering, then perhaps the time of birth will not be as painful, and less people will suffer and die.

We are witnesses for the truth that will save the world from all human suffering. We are also midwives who are working to reduce the suffering during the time of the birth of a new civilization, which will be ruled by Jesus Christ.