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Voters for Jobs Endorses Doug Jones as a United States Senator from AL. Below are some of the arguments in support of that endorsement.

Doug Jones wins the TRUE Christian Vote

Will Christians Vote the way Jesus Christ wants them to vote? Jesus said that not providing for the needy can send you to hell. Matthew 25:31-46. God judges us not just based on our individual action, but also based on our collective actions as a nation. Voting to deny food and health care to the needy is the same thing as denying food and health care to the needy. Voting to cut taxes on Billionaires is being a Servant of Money, rather than a Servant of God. Matthew 6:24.

Some say we should vote to end abortion. Neither Jesus nor the Bible says abortion is wrong! That is a False Doctrine of Men. Jesus Christ said that if you vote based on the Doctrines of Men then your worship of God is in Vain. (Matthew 15:9). Voting for the Doctrines of Men that we must ban abortion is not being a Servant of God. It is rather being a Servant of Money and the Economic Dictators of America who want their Billionaire taxes cut.

Economic Dictators have bought and own the Republican Party and may have bought and own some Servant of Money pastors with mega millions to tell people to vote to cut taxes on Billionaires.

Jesus Christ would not vote for a pedophile, vote to cut taxes on Billionaires, nor vote to cut funding to help the needy. Vote the way Jesus Christ would vote. Defeat Servant of Money Roy Moore. Elect Servant of God Doug Jones to the United States Senate.

TRUE Christians will elect Servant of God Doug Jones to the United States Senate.

When calling voters in Alabama, consider saying the following things. Doug Jones is the Servant of God and Servant of the people candidate who will save the lives of seniors, save the lives of the needy, and give good paying jobs to the workers of Alabama.

Roy Moore is the Servant of Money and Servant of Economic Dictators candidate who will cut taxes on Billionaire Economic Dictators. That will result in hurting and killing senior citizens with cuts to Medicare and Social Security, hurting and killing the needy with cuts to Medicaid and other social programs, and deny jobs to the workers of Alabama.

ADVICE to Doug Jones and his campaign. The KEY to winning this election is to WIN the Christian Voting Bloc. The KEY to doing that is to use a Voter Psychology Theological Argument to get Christians to vote the way Jesus Christ wants them to vote, rather than the way their Doctrines of Men pastor wants them to vote.

HOLD PRAYER Vigils before the election and PRAY that voters will vote the way Jesus Christ wants them to Vote. Ask EVERY Voter to PREY to GOD and ASK GOD if they should Vote for a Pedophile who is a Servant of Money, not a Servant of God. At your Prayer Vigil hold up signs that say the following.

VOTE the Way JESUS would Vote
Tax Billionaires, help the Needy
Matthew 22:21 and Luke 18:22
Elect Servant of God Doug Jones.

Jesus Christ taught the Socialist Values of taxing the rich and providing for the needy. Thus those who reject Socialism have rejected Jesus Christ! Because Roy Moore rejects the Socialist Values of Jesus Christ, he may KILL seniors by taking away the Socialism of Medicare and Social Security, KILL the needy by taking away the Socialism of Medicaid and Food Stamps, and KILL working class Americans by taking away the Socialism of taxing billionaires to pay for millions of construction jobs and Green Energy jobs!

Jesus Christ wants voters to vote for a Servant of God who will raise taxes on billionaires to both balance the budget and SAVE THE LIVES of seniors, the needy, and the working class! Jesus Christ wants YOU to vote for Doug Jones!

The Anti Christ Trump Budget May KILL YOU!

The Trump Budget must be defeated and all members of Congress who vote for it must be kicked out of office.

The American people will fight back against Economic Dictatorship in America and a budget that only serves the Economic Dictators of America. To restore a Democracy of WE THE PEOPLE and get a budget that serves WE THE PEOPLE, the following must be done by all voters.

We need a Revolution to overthrow the Economic Dictatorship of America and the Anti Christ RULER of the Unite States of America! We need to replace SLAVERY under the rule of the Anti Christ, with the FREEDOM of a Political-Economic Democracy of WE THE PEOPLE.

The first step is to kick out of office all Republican members of Congress who serve the Economic Dictators and the Anti Christ, rather than WE THE PEOPLE and God.

The next step is to have a Constitutional Amendment for Direct Democracy, so that a direct democracy vote of the people will set the tax rate for income, capital gains, and inheritance, based on the income and wealth of the person. A direct democracy vote should also decide many other issues, like Tariff rates on low wage imports and the spending percentage of all programs in the budget.

JOIN the REVOLUTIOIN NOW to SAVE YOUR OWN LIFE!!! As long as the Economic Dictators and the Anti Christ rule the United States of America, there will continue to be massive tax cuts for the Economic Dictators and massive cuts to programs that SAVE the LIVES of seniors, the needy, and workers! As a result YOU may suffering and DIE, YOUR children may suffer and DIE, and millions of American workers may suffer and DIE!

We will no longer live as SLAVES to the Economic Dictators and the Anti Christ! We DEMAND OUR FREEDOM to rule ourselves with a Direct Democracy political-economic system.

What do we want?
When do we want it?

Our first step will be to EDUCATE and RECRUIT ONE HUNDRED MILLION Voters to join organizations like Our Revolution and Justice Democrats. We will kick out of office EVERY Republican who voted for the Anti Christ Trump Budget! We will elect a Congress that is fully controlled by Progressive servants of WE THE PEOPLE.

If you love God, America, Your Family, and Yourself, then JOIN the REVOLUTION TODAY!